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Image Processing:


Image Processing Module for IIS

Devesprit.ImageServer is a HTTPModule designed for IIS. This system enables you to add On-The-Fly Image Processing feature to your website. Devesprit.ImageServer has been designed based on Devesprit.ImageProcessor and intended to provide image processing functionality via URL and Query String. If you own a website and/or have an application, and besides adding image processing functionality, you want to improve your system's speed and performance and raise your website's rank in Google; we highly recommend Devesprit.ImageServer to you.



Image Processing Library for .Net

Devesprit.ImageProcessor is a fast lightweight .NET library for processing different types of images. This library provides you with an opportunity to convert formats and process images On-The-Fly using .NET Framework 4.5 or its later versions. With this library, you can add image processing features to your program. This library has been designed and developed in a .NET environment using C# language and .NET Framework 4.5. You can use this library in all of the languages supported by .NET, and WPF, WinForms, ASP.Net MVC & WebForms platforms.


Scripting Library:


Scripting Library for .Net

Devesprit.Scripter is a powerful library for .Net Framework which enables you to add scripting and Runtime code execution features to your .Net software easily. Devesprit.Scripter supports 4 scripting languages including C#, Visual Basic.Net, F# and JScript.Net and can be used in .Net Framework 4 and later versions. Devesprit.Scripter has been released in both Basic and Pro versions. The Basic version of the library is FREE. In this video, you can learn more about how this library works.